Cecil Dudley Gear

Date of Birth:                       1888
Place of Birth:                     Southampton
Service Number:               K/3160
Service:                                 Royal Navy
Rank:                                      Leading Stoker
Ship:                                       Queen Mary
Died:                                       1916
Death Location:                 North Sea


Life Before the War


Cecil was born on 24th October 1888 in Shirley Southampton, his parents were  Arthur James and Rosa who were married in 1884. His father Arthur was                                  born in 1859, he was employed as a coachman, he died in 1922. His mother Rosa (nee Lester) was born in 1861 she died in 1935, they lived at  74 Pound                                    Street. Shirley.Southampton.

Cecil had 5 brothers Arthur b 1885 – d 1957, Percy b 1887 – d1935, Bertie  b1888 – d1945 , Reginald b1891 – d1953 and Ernest b1899 – d1933, he also had 3                             sisters Mable b1895 – 1956, Violet b1897 – d1992 and Victoria b1902.

In the census of 1891 and 1901 the family were living at 32 Crown Street. Shirley.Southampton.




Service History

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

In the census of 1911 Cecil  was at sea serving in the Royal Navy as a stoker on the Queen Mary it was while the

Queen Mary took part in the Battle of Jutland that she  was hit twice by the German Battle Cruiser Defflinger.
The Queen Mary’s magazines exploded causing her to sink, 1,266 officers and men died. Her wreck was discovered in 1991.

Cecil died on 31st May 1916 when the Queen Mary sank and he is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial and
the Southampton Cenotaph.

He was awarded the Victory Medal and the British Medal.



Researched by Shaun Connolly 2014.

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