Bertram Jewell

Date of birth: 1885
Place of birth: Botley, Southampton
Regiment / Division: Mercantile Marine
Vessel: HMT Aragon
Rank / Service No: Baker
Died: 31st December 1917, aged 33 years
Commemorated: Tower Hill Memorial


Bertram was the third of 7 siblings born to Charles and Lucy Jewell (nee Dunford), who married in Southampton in 1880.


Charles was born in West End, Southampton in 1857 and he died in the city in 1894 aged only 37 years.

Lucy was born in Petersfield in 1861. After Charles’ death, she married Sylvester Edwin Chammen in Southampton, in 1900.


The couple had 2 children; Lucy passed away in Southampton in 1939.



Frederick C.   b. 1881 Botley   d. 1938 Southampton

Ada   b. 1883 Botley   d. ??


Edith Lucy   b. 27 October 1886 Bitterne   d. 1949 Southampton   Married Joseph Macdonald Trotman in Southampton in 1906.

Ernest George   b. 1888 Bitterne   d. 1905 Southampton

Daisy Ellen   b. 24 September 1890 Arreton, I.o.W   d. 1964 Southampton   Married Harry James Edwards in Southampton in 1917.

William   b. 1892 Great Hadham, Hertfordshire   d. 1955 Southampton   Married Edith N. Haymer in Southampton in 1916.

Sidney Sylvester Chammen  b. 28 February 1901 Southampton   d. 1988 Southampton   Married Marjorie E. Food in Southampton in 1926.

Kathleen Eva Chammen   b. 10 January 1907 Southampton   d. 1990 Southampton   Married Stephen B. Roberts in Southampton in 1931.


Bertram married Annie Elizabeth Errill at St. Luke’s Church in Gloucester on 14 March 1911.


Annie had been born in Gloucester in 1882; the couple lived in Southampton, at 11 Stanley Road, St Denys.

The couple had 2 children…..

Ernest R.   b. 1913 Southampton   d. 1944 Staines   Married Dorothy M. Cannon in Southampton in 1938.

Margaret Annie   b. 1915 Southampton   d. 1982 Southampton   Married Percy W. Brooke in Southampton in 1937.


Annie passed away in Southampton in 1947.



Aragon was originally a Royal Mail ship, built in Ireland in 1905 and worked routes between Southampton and South American ports.


In 1913, Aragon became Britain’s first “Defensively Armed Merchant Ship” (DAMS) of modern times. She took part in the Gallipoli campaign in 1915, used as a troop ship, prior to returning to UK waters.


In December 1917 Aragon departed for Alexandria, loaded with 2200 troops bound for the Palestine campaign against the Ottoman Empire.

Moored about 10 miles outside Alexandria on the morning of 31 December, the vessel was hit on the port side aft by a torpedo fired from UC-34.


Her escort (HMS Attack) and HMS Points Castle rescued whom they could, prior to the vessel sinking within 20 minutes.


HMS Attack was then herself torpedoed, breaking into two pieces…she sank within 7 minutes.


Survivors were picked up by the lifeboats from Aragon that hadn’t been damaged by the original torpedo.


610 personnel lost their life on Aragon, 19 of them crew.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 5th October 2016


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