Bertram George Lewington

Date of birth: 1893
Place of birth: Southampton
Service No.: 11083
Rank: Private
Regiment / Division: Hampshire
Battalion: 11th (Service) Battalion (Pioneers)
Died: 3rd May 1917 aged 24 years
Death location: Battle of Messines, Ypres


Life before the War
Bertram was the third of 6 siblings born to Alfred Walter and Mary Louisa Lewington, who lived at 23 Cedar Road, St Mary’s.  He was born in the first quarter of 1893 and but we are unable to find any further information regarding his childhood.

By 1917, at the time of Bertram’s death, records show his parents living at 11 Padwell Road.

Bertram’s 5 siblings were:

Eva Mary   b. 1888   d. 1971 in Winchester (married 3 times, twice after husband’s death).

Charles Henry   b. 1891  d. 1899, aged 8 years

Alfred Victor  b. 1896  d. 26 April 1917 in Amara, Iraq.

Walter Ernest   b. 1899   d. 1952, aged 53, in Southampton (married Winifred Louisa Fox in 1925).  Their daughter Mary W was born in 1926 and their son John W born and died Dec 1929.

Isabel Margaret  b. 1903  d. 1971, aged 68 (married Alfred E. Reeve in 1931)

Records show that Bertram originally enlisted in the 9th (Cyclist) Btn of the Hampshire Regiment.  This corps was based in Southampton and he was given the service number 6880.  He was soon either voluntarily, or forced, to transfer to the 11th Pioneers.

The Pioneers, after much training in the UK and Eire, was finally mobilised in December 1915, landing in Le Havre on the 18th.  The next year was spent on the Somme before the commencement of the Battle of Messines in 1917.

Loker Churchyard Cemetery

Loker Churchyard Cemetery

It is probably in the very early days of this battle that Bertram lost his life.  His body was recovered and he was buried in Loker Churchyard nr Ypres (Plot 1, Row C, No. 20).  This cemetery is located 6 miles from Ypres and holds 215 casualties.

Interestingly, Bertram died on exactly the same day as his second cousin Neville, with Alfred Victor dying 1 week earlier.



Bertram is related to three other Lewingtons named on the Cenotaph and Memorial Wall and also memorialised at Southampton Old Cemetery – Alfred Victor was his brother, William Arthur was a cousin, whilst Neville Frank was a second cousin – they all shared the same great-grandfather.  Please select the names of Alfred, William and Neville to take you to their stories.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published.: 22nd September 2014
Updated: Insert dates here

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2 responses to “Bertram George Lewington

  1. Michelina

    Would you know of the great grandfathers name I have lewingtons in my family tree and they lived in Southampton and wonder if there is a link
    Regards m may

    • Hi there,
      I have received the following information from Mark who carried out the research on Bertram George Lewington, and he has emailed the enclosed information and I have copied it for you in case it is helpful.

      Hello Brenda.

      Luckily I compiled a family tree for the Lewingtons….there’s lots of them !! 4 of them are on the Cenotaph…

      The father of both Bertram George and Alfred Victor was Alfred Walter Lewington (b. 1862 d. ??)……Alfred Walter’s father was Isaac Charles (b. 1830 d. 1868).

      Isaac Charles father was Francis (b. 1801 d. 1878)……he is the common link.

      Neville Frank’s father was Frank Alfred (b. 1860 d. ??)…….his father was George (b. 1825 d. 1905)…..George was one of Francis’ 6 children.

      William Arthur’s father was Charles Edward (b. 1858 d. 1931), whose father was Isaac Charles.

      Just out of interest, Francis’ father was another Francis (b. 1755 d. 1810)….that’s as far back as I went.

      Hope that sort of makes sense ?!!

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