Arthur Kimber

Date of birth: 25th August 1881
Place of birth: Shirley, Southampton
Regiment: Royal Engineers
Battalion: “A” Signal Depot, Bedford
Rank / Service No: Pioneer, 377023
Died: 31st October 1918, aged 37 years
Buried: Kempston Cemetery, Bedford (M.76)


Arthur was the sixth of 10 siblings born to Harry and Sarah Ann Kimber (nee Lynch), who married in Southampton in 1871.


Harry was born in the city in 1846 and he died there in 1914.

Sarah was born in Eling (Totton) on 25 September 1850 and she passed away in Southampton in 1940.



Harry   b. 28 February 1872 Shirley   d. 1952 Southampton   Married Alice R. Boyce in Southampton in 1898.

Alfred   b. 6 March 1874 Shirley   d. 1949 Alton   Married Ellen Bridget Mahonet in Portsmouth in 1902. Alfred was registered blind in 1939.

Sarah Annie   b. 20 June 1876 Shirley   d. 1947 Portsmouth   Married Albert Henry Hawkins in Southampton in 1909.

Herbert  b. 6 June 1878 Shirley   d. 1921 Southampton   Married Rose Kate Conroy in Southampton in 1900.

Frank  b. 8 August 1879 Shirley   d. 1954 Lambeth   Married May Charles in Southampton in 1903.


Robert   b. 9 December 1883 Shirley   d. 1943 Southampton

Victoria EDITH   b. 1886 Shirley   d. 1954 Perth, Australia   Married George Treacher in Southampton in 1909.

John   b. 15 August 1889 Shirley   d. 1955 Southampton   Married Elizabeth R. Richards in Southampton in 1918.

Percy   b. 8 July 1893 Shirley   d. 1971 Camberwell   Married Grace Wright in Camberwell in 1931.


Arthur married Louise Alice Marie Reeves in Southampton on 5 July 1910. The couple had 3 sons and, at the time of Arthur’s death, the family were living at 26 Cawte Road, Shirley.

Arthur John   b. 17 November 1911 Shirley   d. 1987 Southampton   Married Nancy Platt in Southampton in 1949.

Robert Thomas   b. 7 September 1912 Shirley   d. 2002 Poole   Married Ruby E. Tovell in Southampton in 1937.

Frederick George   b. 5 April 1915 Shirley   d. 1980 Portsmouth   Married Brenda J. Joliffe in Portsmouth in 1946.


Louise was born in Colchester on 21 April 1887; she lived until she was 95 years old, passing away in Southampton in 1982.



Arthur did not enlist until 5 February 1917, probably as a result of a call for volunteers with an engineering background.

He was based at the depot in Bedford for the duration, probably in a training capacity.


After a bout of flu, Arthur succumbed to pneumonia.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 6th October 2016


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