Alfred William Le Marechal

Date of birth: 1895
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment / Division: Mercantile Marine
Vessel: HMHS Llandovery Castle
Rank / Service No: Waiter
Died: 27th June 1918, aged 22 years
Commemorated: Tower Hill Memorial


Alfred was the fifth of 8 siblings born to William Leon and Elizabeth Mulley.

There is no proof of a marriage between the couple, although it is likely to have occurred in the mid 1880’s.


William was born in Newcastle in 1852, and he died in Bitterne in 1905.


Elizabeth was born in Sunderland in 1862 and she passed away in the city in 1944.



Annie Maria   b. 26 May 1884 Bitterne   d. 1967 Winchester   Married John Ernest Harris in Southampton in 1909. Married Frederick J. Noyce in Southampton in 1914.  Married Joseph Parsons in Southampton in 1928.

Elizabeth JANE   b. 6 May 1886 Bitterne   d. 1974 Southampton   Married Albert Lewis in Southampton in 1909.

Lily Leonora   b. 8 March 1888   d. 1888 Bitterne

Alice Mary   b. 10 January 1890 Bitterne   d. 1974 Southampton   Married Charles William Thomas in Southampton in 1908.

Alfred William

William Leon  b. 11 November 1898 Bitterne   d. 1958 Southampton   Married Mabel E. Baker in Southampton in 1921.

Winifred Dorothy   b. 1900 Colorado (!) d. 1901 Bitterne

Irene M.   b. 1904 Bitterne   d. ??


Alfred married Edith Dorothy May Shillabeer in Southampton in 1916. Edith had been born in Southampton in 1896 and she married Guy Barnard in 1925.


Edith passed away in Southampton in 1977.



Llandovery Castle was built in 1914 in Glasgow, as R.M.S. Llandovery Castle, one of 5 Canadian hospital ships that served in WW1.


On a voyage from Nova Scotia to Liverpool, the vessel was torpedoed off Southern Ireland by U-86 (Helmut Brummer-Patzig).

He sought to destroy the evidence by running down all the lifeboats, and machine-gunning the survivors.


Only 24 people survived in one lifeboat, and they only survived because their boat capsized when it was drawn in by the sinking vessel.


Patzig was arraigned for trial in Germany in 1921, but he left the country and avoided extradition.


234 souls perished, including many nurses.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 7th November 2016


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