Alfred George Augustus Earney

Date of birth: 13th June 1881
Place of birth: Bournemouth
Regiment / Division: Royal Navy
Vessel: HMS Viknor
Rank / Service No: Able Seaman, SS/352
Died: 13th January 1915, aged 33 years
Commemorated: Portsmouth Naval Memorial


Alfred, a barman, was the third of 11 siblings born to Arthur and Rosalinda Ureniah Earney (nee Miles), who married in Bournemouth in 1875.

Arthur, a plasterer by trade, was born in Dorset in 1851 and died in Bournemouth in 1908.

Rosalinda was born near Bishops Waltham in 1855.



Alice Maud Mary   b. 1875 Bournemouth   d. 1958 Portsmouth   Married George Cole in Wilton, Wilts in 1915.

Arthur John Edward   b. 1878 Bournemouth   Appears to have been alive in 1980 ! Married Priscilla ANNIE Duck in Bournemouth in 1897. Arthur and family left for Australia on February 28 1913. Arthur was a chauffeur in Freemantle.

Alfred George Augustus

Annie Eva Lavinia   b. 1883 Bournemouth   d. ??   Married Albert WILLIAM Newell in Bournemouth in 1907.

Frederick Henry   b. 1886 Bournemouth   d. 1900 Bournemouth

Walter Aquilla   b. 1889 Bournemouth   d. 1893 Bournemouth

Albert Victor   b. 1892 Bournemouth   d. 1893 Bournemouth

Rosalinda Ureniah   b. 1895 Bournemouth   d. 1986 Bournemouth   Married Percy Skinner in Bournemouth in 1915.

Alfred Roland   b. 1898 Bournemouth   d. 1900 Bournemouth

Florence May   b. 1900 Bournemouth   d. ??   Married Leonard Skipper in Battersea in 1940.

William Frank   b. 1901 Bournemouth   d. 1961 Bournemouth   Married Nellie Callingham (b. 1919 d. 1982 Bournemouth) in Rochford, Essex in 1941. The couple left Southampton on 10 April 1952 bound for New Zealand. They were living in Auckland in 1954 and Canterbury in 1957, but must have returned to the UK soon after.


Alfred married Florence Amelia Millman in Bournemouth in 1910. Florence was born in South Africa in 1881 and they appear to have moved to Southampton in 1915. The couple had 3 children…….

Doris L. b. 1910 Bournemouth   d. ??   Married Josiah A. Parker in Bournemouth in 1936.

Victor A. b. 28 May 1912 Bournemouth   d. 1993 Kent

Alfred C. b. 1914 Bournemouth   d. 1915 Southampton


After Alfred’s death, Florence married William Nolan in Southwark in 1924; she passed away in Poplar in 1970.


Alfred volunteered in August 1914 and served on HM ships “Edgar” , as well as Viknor, in the North Sea. He also saw service with the Irish coast patrol.

Viknor was originally built in 1888 in Glasgow, as the passenger ship S/S Atrato.

In 1912 she was renamed Viking and in 1914, when she became an Armed Merchant Cruiser, HMS Viknor.


She was transferring some high-profile German prisoners from Kirkwall to Liverpool when she sank in heavy weather off the Irish coast.

No distress call was sent, and none of the 295 crew and passengers survived.

It was assumed she had hit one of some recently-laid mines.


Many of the bodies were washed ashore days after the sinking.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 14th July 2016


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