Albert Henry Hurst

Date of birth: 1885
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 1/4th
Rank / Service No: Private, 240984
Died: 21st January 1916, aged 32 years
Commemorated: Basra Memorial, Iraq


Albert, a corn merchant’s clerk, was the fifth of 6 siblings born to William and Eliza Ann Hurst (nee Dawe), who married in Southampton in 1875.


William, a bootmaker by trade, was born in Southampton in 1844 and he died in the city in 1917.

Eliza was born in Portsmouth in 1847 and she lived to the ripe old age of 93, passing away in the New Forest in 1941.



Ada Jane   b. 1876 Southampton   d. 1953 Southampton   Married Arthur Towers in Southampton in 1909.

Florence Maud   b. 1877 Southampton   d. 1964 Southampton   Married Henry Fryer Haskell in Southampton in 1899.

William John   b. 1879 Southampton   d. 1884 Southampton

Ellen “Nellie” Eliza   b. 1882 Southampton   d. ??

Albert Henry

Frederick William   b. 1887 Southampton   d. 1976 Southampton   Married Nellie Tate in Southampton in 1915.



The 1/4th battalion was formed at Winchester in August 1914, part of the Hampshire Brigade in the Wessex Division.


They landed in Karachi on 11 November 1914 but sailed for Mesopotamia in early March 1915, arriving at Basra on 18th with the 33rd Indian Brigade as part of the 12th Indian Divsion.


The battalion was to remain in Mesopotamia and Persia for the rest of the war.


Albert was almost certainly based at Kut Garrison at the time of his death. The garrison was regularly attacked, and Albert perished around the time the Turks were trying to starve the garrison into surrender.


The Memorial commemorates the more than 40,500 Commonwealth servicemen who died in operations in Mesopotamia from August 1914 to August 1921, with no known grave.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 3rd October 2016


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