Albert Edward Herbert

Date of birth: 1875
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 1st
Rank / Service No: Private, 3/4087
Died: 1st July 1916, aged 40 years
Commemorated: Thiepval Memorial, France


Albert was the second of 10 known siblings born to William and Elizabeth Herbert (nee Sparshott), who married in Bishop’s Waltham in 1874.

The couple had 12 children in total, so it must be assumed that a further 2 died in infancy.


William was born in Ryde in 1853 and died in Southampton in 1930.

Elizabeth was born in Botley in 1852 and she passed away in Southampton in 1911.



William Henry James   b. 1874 Southampton   d. 1949 Southampton   Married Martha May Stent in Portswood in 1906.

Albert Edward 

Beatrice Ella   b. 1877 Portswood   d. 1938 Southampton   Married Henry Bushell in Portswood in 1898 (6 children). Married Frederick W. West in Portswood in 1917.

Thirza Elizabeth   b. 11 December 1880 Portswood   d. 1918 Southampton Married George Eldridge in Southampton in 1900.

Violetta Charlotte M.   b. 4 December 1882 Portswood   d. ??

Lillian Florence   b. 1884 Portswood   d. ??

Walter David   b. 24 September 1886 Portswood   d. 1954 Southampton   Married Annie Maria Walker in Portswood in 1909.

Emily Blanche   b. 1888 Portswood   d. ??   Married Ephraim Edward Harris in Portswood in 1907.

Stella Ellen   b. 1889 Portswood   d. 1934 Southampton   Married Robert Caven in Portswood in 1908.

Harold NELSON   b. 1891 Portswood   d. 1971 Southampton   Married Ethel Russell in Southampton in 1920.


Albert married Edith Harriett Ware in Southampton in 1906. The couple lived at 8 Somerset Road, Portswood and had 5 children….


Douglas George   b. 2 June 1906 Portswood   d. 1980 Southampton   Married Lilian C. Yendall in Southampton in 1934.

Archibald ALBERT   b. 12 November 1907 Portswood   d. 1965 Southampton   Married Caroline O. Hewitt in Southampton in 1951.

Nelson Harold   b. 27 April 1909 Portswood   d. 1988 Swansea   Married Mary McDermott in Southampton in 1941.

Edith VIOLET   b. 1911 Portswood   d. ??   Married Bertram Arthur William Melmoth in Southampton in 1929. Married Arthur Albert Stonadge in Southampton in 1936.

Stanley William   b. 1914 Portswood   d. 1914 Portswood


Edith had been born on 13 August 1877 in St. Mary’s and she passed away in Southampton in 1930.



Albert attested in Winchester on 25 October 1895 but it is not known how long he was in the Army prior to the outbreak of war.


The 1st Hampshire became part of the 11th Brigade of the 4th Division in III Corps prior to their departure for France in August 1914.

They were immediately in action at Le Cateau, near Mons, covering the retreat of the B.E.F.


It is probable that Albert was killed during the first day of the Battle of Albert, recognised also as the first day of the First Battle of the Somme.


On this day, the 1st Hampshires lost 320 men and had 265 wounded, the battalion’s worst experience of the war.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 29th September 2016


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