Alan Stewart MacLauchlan

Date of birth:                   1886PoppiesRegiment / Division:   Royal Garrison Artillery
Died:                                   28th March 1918 aged 32 years
Death Location:             France

Life before the War

Alan was born in 1886 in Southampton. His father  James  was born in Scotland in 1841  and Charlotte Eliza (James) his mother was born in 1850 in Southampton they were married in Southampton in 1867. His father died in 1921 and left a Probate in his wife’s name:

“McLauchlan James of 12 East Park Terrace Southampton died 6 February 1921. Probate London 7 April 1921 to Charlotte Eliza McLauchlan widow. Effects £2640 12s 11d”

His mother Charlotte died in the Winchester district in 1944.  His siblings, apart from his sister Charlotte Laura who was born in St. Pancras, London, were all born in Southampton and were:

He had 5 sisters and 2 brothers.

Charlotte Laura b.1868 in St.Pancras she  died in 1877.
Margaret Lennox Ower b.1870, married Edward Robert Ensor in 1898. Robert died on 18th August 1927 and  Probate of £10177 1s 9d was  for Margaret.

About 7 years later, Margaret died and her Probate read:

“Ensor Margaret Lennox Ower of Sunnyside Stockbridge Hampshire widow died 10 July 1934. Administration Winchester 29 August 1934 to Betty Margaret Ower Ensor spinster. Effects £8194 10s 5d”

Ethel Nora born 1876 in Southampton. She married Percy Nugent Oldrey in 1896. He died on the 19th February 1928, and left £253 1s 8d to Ethel in Probate:

“Maclauchlan Ethel Norah of 8 Norman Road Winchester widow died 30 September 1948. Probate London 13 August 1949 to Doris Ethel Nugent Oldrey spinster. Effects £2688 9s 7d”

Lilian Anne Roberts was born 1879 in Southampton, she married Joseph Anthony Dixon Erskine, a widower, on 19th April 1916 at the Holy Trinity Church, in the Parish of Upper Chelsea, London. Her father’s occupation was given as Gentleman.

Dora Henrietta was born in 1880 in Southampton, she died in 1963. Dora left a Probate:

“MacLauchlan or MacLaughlan of 62 St. Cross Road Winchester spinster died 8 March 1963. Administration Winchester 29 July 1963 to Doris Ethel Nugent Oldrey spinster. Effects £5928 13s 8d”

Frank Courtney was born 1882 in Southampton, he died 29 November 1940. Frank left a Probate:

“Maclauchlan Frank Courtney of Lane End Westcott Dorking Surrey died 29 November 1940. Administration London 9 May 1952 to Barclays Bank Limited and Bernard Willim Bryan civil engineer. Effects £250”

Frank enlisted on 18th March 1915. He served with the 7th London Regiment as a Lance Corporal, service number 2571. He later transferred to the R.A.S.C. as a Captain. He was awarded the 1915 Star, British Service and Victory Medals. His address was Elmstead Woood, Elmstead Lane, Chislehurst, Kent.

Malcolm Stewart was born in 1888 in Southampton. He died 21 July 1953. Malcolm left a probate:

“MacLauchlan Malcolm Stewart of The Old Guest House The Rutts Bushey Heath Hertfordshire died 21 July 1953. Administration Winchester 31 October 1953 to Dora Henrietta MacLauchlan and Doris Ethel Nugent Oldrey spinsters. Effects £2413 18s 11d”

Malcolm enlisted on 18th March 1915. He served with the 7th London Regiment as a Lance Corporal, service number 2572 and the Dorset R. S. A. (T.F.) as a Captain. He was awarded the Star, British Service and Victory Medals. He gave his address as 33, Overstrand Mansions, Battersea Park, S.W. 11 on 30th August 1921.

In  the 1881 and 1891 census, the family were living at 14, Anglesea Place, All Saints Parish, Southampton. James was a Dentist Surgeon.

In the 1911 census the family had moved to “Barossa”,155, Above Bar Street, All Saints Parish. James was still running his own business as a Dentist Surgeon. Frank was employed as a Land Surveyor. Alan  was working as a solicitor.

On each census  the family hired at least two servants, usually a Domestic Housemaid and a Cook.

Alan’s National Probate

“MacLauchlan Alan Stewart of 4, Portland Street Southampton lieutenant R.G.A. died 28 March 1918 in France. Probate London 15 July 1918 to Edward Robert Ensor solicitor. Effects £197 2s 11d. Resworn £368 19s 8d”

War Service

Name: Alan Steart Mclauchlan
Death Date: 28 Mar 1918
Rank: Lieutenant
Regiment: Royal Garrison Artillery
Type of Casualty: Killed in action
Comments: [Territorial]

Military Awards

Alan  also served with the 7th London Regiment as a Lance Corporal, service number 2573.
He was entitled to the 1915 Star, General Service Medal and Victory Medal.

His father Colonel J MacLauchlin of “Barossa”, 12, East Park Terrace, Southampton, was given as next of kin.

Alan is Remembered with Honour at the Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery, Arras, France.

King Edward School Casualty Memorial.

King Edward School Casualty Memorial.

AS mclauchlan

Lieutenant A.S. Maclauchlan
Royal Garrison Artillery
28th March 1918 Age 32
Out of the din of the doing
Into the peace of the done 

alan mclaughlun

Researched by Becky Lonergan – October 2013

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