The website is designed to commemorate and tell the stories of the servicemen and women of Southampton, England, who fought so valiantly and died in the First and Second World Wars.

The website has been designed and produced by students from Southampton Solent University and includes the biographies of those who are named on Southampton Cenotaph and Memorial Wall, as well as images, video, audio and interactive media. The website is continuing to be developed by Southampton Solent University in partnership with the Southampton Cenotaph Families and Friends Group.

To learn more about the Southampton Cenotaph continue towards the About,  History and Fallen Heroes to read their fascinating stories.

20 responses to “Home

  1. Brian Mason

    Hi Brenda White
    How would I contact you regarding E E White. https://southamptoncenotaph.com/ernest-evelyn-white/
    His brother Edward Joseph White as mentioned in your page had died on the 15/04/12 on board the Titanic.
    I have no record of a sister,Alice Louise b.21st July 1887.
    Brian Mason

  2. Hi there,
    Sorry for the late reply, I have been away on holiday. Thank you for your reply, I will look into the family graves as I live in Bitterne, if I find anything I will email you.Yes I agree it is right his story should be ready for Remembrance Sunday.
    kind regards
    Brenda White for Southampton Cenotaph Families and Friends Group.

  3. Eric Payne

    Thank you for this web site but I am wondering why the name of Archibald Payne, resident of Southampton, one of my father’s brothers, killed 1st July 1916 on the Somme, is not included in your list. He is certainly included on the Cenotaph.

    Eric Payne

    • Hi there,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes you are correct Archibald is on the cenotaph and he is also on our research list as yet his story is to be researched. I will research his story for you and be in touch when it is complete. If you have any information I would gladly include it in his story.My email address is brendawhite05@aol.com
      kind regards
      Brenda White for Southampton Cenotaph families and Friends Group

  4. Steph Luke

    My Great-Grandad is listed on the Cenotaph and I am interested to learn more. My Grandad had the same name but died when I was young so I don’t know anything about them. I would love to hear about my family history. His name Sidney Luke.

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for contacting us, about your great grandad Sidney Luke? We have him on our list as yet to be researched but as you have shown an interest in him I will start his research for you. Do you have any photos of him or his family we could use?
      kind regards
      Brenda White for Southampton Families and Friends Group

    • Hi, I am trying to research Sidney Luke, have you any idea what his fathers name was please.
      kind regards
      Brenda White for Southampton Cenotaph Families and Friends Group

  5. AnnSenior

    My relative Frederick Westerman of 32 Clifford Road Southampton died at an Aircraft explosion near Wormwood Scrubs. His name is on the Southampton Cenotaph. I left a cross, but was at the Armistice Remembrance in Jersey for 4 other relatives who died in WW1. I will send more details once I know I have made contact

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for contacting us. Yes his story has been uploaded to our website, if you would like to forward further information to add to his story that would be brilliant, do you have a photograph? My email address is brendawhite05@aol.com if you let me have any information I will gladly edit the story for you.
      kind regards
      Brenda White for Southampton Families and Friends Group

  6. Ray Proudley

    Hi ,
    I did send a message , a few weeks ago , concerning a WW1 serviceman whose name is missing from the Cenotaph ( Pte. Arthur Charles Barton who I believe may be wrongly attributed as Arthur C Bartley ) . I have spoken and written to Andy Russel ( who suggested you may help as well if I made contact) . I look forward to hearing from you . Kind regards,
    Ray Proudley 01725 510950

  7. Ruth Ford

    Hello Brenda,
    I’m interested in this site, and its sparked an interest for me to follow up on our family history. My great uncle, Harold Frederick Bath, is commemorated on the Southampton Cenotaph. I posted a number of comments on his entry several weeks ago, but wondered if it might be quicker to alert you to them through this portal. Looking forward to your response.

    • Ruth.
      I must apologise for the length of time in getting back to you.
      I have now corrected the story of Harold Bath, using some of the corrections you kindly supplied.

      Mark Heritage

  8. Janet Isaac

    The Mother of Ernest Arthur Head was Emily Maiden (b.1848 ) not Emily Bagg . Ernest worked with his Father in the family Fruit and veg shop prior to the war. Altogether there were 8 daughters and 4 daughters born to Stephen George and Emily Head.

  9. mrs karina williams

    hi my grandfather is frederick robert williamson he is on the centoptaph ive found his grave for my mother who was only 3 when he died we found out his name is on tower hill but nothing else i would love to find out more info for my mother but dont know were to start i was hopeing you maybe abile to help my email is kmwilliams74@outlook.com

    • Karina.
      Your grandfather is a WW2 veteran…we are still putting stories to WW1 servicemen at the moment.
      I can tell you that your grandfather was born on 12 October 1911 in Southampton. He died in the city in 1946 and had married Lilian L. Brick in the city in 1935.
      It is difficult to find out any more info until the 1921 Census is made available in 2021.

      Mark Heritage

  10. Hi, there is a name on the Cenotaph which is not listed on your website. Victor Gravett. Can you tell me why this is please.

  11. Derek Morley

    Hello once again Brenda,
    I cannot remember if I have already given you the following information about my 2x great uncle Frank Dawkins. You have his grave site and his photograph shown on your site. His grave is in Southampton Old Cemetery. If you are interested to see more info about Frank please google Frank Dawkins Southampton there is a very interesting article concerning the inquest into his untimely demise on the outskirts of Salisbury in the vicinity of Stonehenge on 11th October 1918. My email address is dgm5745@btinternet.com.

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